Ethica is a specialized advisory platform focused on supporting governments, multinational corporations and NGOs on strategy development, execution, capital raising initiatives and storytelling. 


strategy development

Strategy is the foundation for direction and growth. Ethica helps define and execute strategies, setting our clients on the path to sustainable value creation.



 Ensuring strategies, processes and plans are turned into action in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals.


capital raising

We work with clients to ensure a holistic capital raising approach that aligns with the businesses goals as well as stakeholder interests. 



Technology has transformed the idea of storytelling, especially for businesses. It allows businesses to reach a broader audience than ever before.

Storytelling in the corporate sphere is based on cultivating an emotional attachment. Brands can use this technique to draw their audience in, helping them to associate their story with their product or service in a meaningful way. In today's world, connecting with your audience is key to long term success.